dsc00059_2.jpgWe set off to the grand re-opening this morning. It seemed like all the employees were there, greeting customers as they arrived, handing out balloons, and asking customers how they like the new store. There was a photographer and videographer too, which we kept avoiding because we both had hat head.

The new stores is definitely more open. The first floor is much more organized, with junior clothes when you first walk in, followed by ladies, kids at the back, and men’s along the left. There are now four cashes, spread across the front of the door. Cigarettes are only available at cash 1, so be prepared to wait until the smokers figure this out.

Upstairs includes an expanded grocery area, with a lot more canned and boxed foods, and more fresh produce as well. The linens and rugs section has moved downstairs, and the dollar store kitch is finally gone.

The place was packed, and some customers were even hugging the staff. The GT mascot was wandering around the store waving and posing for the photographer, and people like me who brought their cell phones. Okay, it was just me, but here are the pics.


While we waited, we were entertained by the staff who were trying to get the balloons down from the ceiling. They eventually called the really tall girl whose job it became to jump up and grab the string, while another employee pulled it down with the assistance of a metal rod with a curved end in it.

Quite a community event. Great to see them back in business. On the way back, we noticed that Bourke’s Ignition has moved to its new location near the Parkdale Market.