Not everybody heard the news last night that garbage and recycling pick up is delayed one day this week. Thankfully I hadn’t put the garbage out yet. Based on the number of cars with snow on them and the number of driveways still not cleared, it seems they did get the city’s message about staying home today and teleworking if possible. Garwood wasn’t feeling well on  Friday, and called to say he won’t be in. I expected him not to make it in.  But guess who e-mailed me yet again. I don’t have an issue with her being sick, but I specifically said e-mailing is not appropriate, it has to be a phone call.Walking to work was an experience. I opted to go through the church parking lot and down Mayfair. Clearly the snowplow did a better job on Piccadilly
than he did on Mayfair. It was one lane of tire ruts. A woman was trying to turn into the parking lot at the bottom of the street and got stuck. There
was no way I would have been able to push her, she was really wedged in. So I went to the garage to tell them. Continued on the other side of
Wellington. The snowbank was about 1.5 high and about 10 m wide. They couldn’t have used the regular sidewalk snowplows because you could see the
bank was made by a snowblower/auger type of vehicle. No roads between Wellington and Scott had been plowed, except for Spencer. All the others
were down to one lane, and only trucks or higher vehicles would be able to make it down.

KanataTunney’s was well cleared, but still snowing and slippery in spots. Not too many cars on the road. The sidewalks on Scott weren’t plowed yet, and the
road was down to one lane in each direction.

Here’s a pic of my parents’ house: