It’s 10:30, and I’m finally done. Well, not really, because the plow hasn’t passed yet, but I have cleared the driveway, part of the sidewalk, part of Timmy’s labaryinth and the front steps. Well, when I say “clear” what I mean is “make passable”. You can’t actually see any pavement. There’s just no place left to put the snow. On the positive side, Environment Canada has lifted the weather warning, but it’s still pretty cold. No sinners showed up for the 8:30 mass this morning. Maybe they tried, but couldn’t make it up the hill. We used to be a priority street because of the school, but I guess the city doesn’t do church streets as a priority.

I am totally exhausted, and Timbit thinks it’s time to go for a walk. I’ve only had a bagel and I’m starving, but I need to get some energy before I trek down to Loeb for groceries. I was thinking about cooking a roast tonight. They have AAA beef on sale. I don’t think I have the energy though. It looks like it will be a Mom meal from the freezer. I do have to use the bananas for muffins though.

So here’s my morning in pictures and videos:


In the house, looking out:

Winter Blast 2008 dsc02160.jpgdsc02161.jpgdsc02162.jpgdsc02163.jpgdsc02164.jpg


The before video:

Then the after the clean up pics:


And the “after” video:

I’ll post again after the plow has passed.