After clearing the driveway, I sat down to finish the knitting part of Rob’s sweater. Now I’m working on assembling it. Should be done by tomorrow I think. Timbit has been all over me today. He seems to want to put his smells on the new sweater. It made it a bit of a challenge to cast off.

Here’s the storm on radar

Franktown radar

I did also find time to ride the bike, but only 8 km this time. Was a bit tired after clearing snow. Did a couple loads of laundry too. I guess while I was riding, the sidewalk plow must have come by. It left about a foot of snow on either side of the driveway, so I had to go back out again. I’ve now got a bit of a strategy: Use the big snow scoop shovel to push it past where the path to the front door meets up with the driveway. Then use the snow blower to throw it over the banks. Then use the scoop to clean up, pushing it across the street so that the road is also cleared a bit too. Timbit thought he wanted to go outside, but changed his mind. Then the garage door wouldn’t stay closed when I put everything away. So I had to chip away at the ice build up where it closes.

It’s really coming down now. Here’s what it looks like at 4:30