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WhitefaceIt’s not really around town, it’s actually about 250 km away, but Whiteface is definitely the biggest hill in the east. Really, it’s a mountain not a hill, with loads of leg burning runs, no line ups, friendly people. Need I say more?

It was Rob’s third time out this year as a skier, and the first with his spanking new Elan race skis. If you know Rob, you know there’s no “trying things out”.

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Well Gossip Girl was walking down Wellington after my trip to the ear doctor’s (that’s a separate story), and happened to notice the door open on the newly leased location beside Tim’s. Without Nosy Neighbour, what was she to do? Go in and ask questions? And she did. This is what she found out:

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A sure sign of spring: the skateboarders were out on the street yesterday, some of them looking up at the church steps. How long before the graffitti returns and the school becomes a place to party again? At least there is still a lot of snow around the school so that should postpone the partying a while. Rob is on a mission to find out when demolition of the old school building is going to happen. So he e-mailed the city councillor’s office, who then forwarded the request to Uniform Developments. Here’s the response: Read the rest of this entry »

Traffic lightThis is a question I’ve asked myself a couple of times in the last year, while walking to and from work. I’ve seen it happen a few times: once at Carleton and Scott, a car going north on Carleton was at the lights waiting to turn left on Scott. I was thinking about crossing by foot on the red, but thought that it’s really not a good idea when there’s traffic. All of a sudden, she just darts out in front, not thinking that if she breaks the law, maybe I’m going to cross.

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What started as a cloudy morning turned out to be a sunny afternoon, reminiscent of St. Anton. We took our souvenir sled over to Westboro Beach for a couple of runs. I had wanted to put it on the roof rack, just like the Europeans, but Rob said it would fit in the back of the Mini. And it did, but it still would have been cool to have it on the roof.

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dsc00059_2.jpgWe set off to the grand re-opening this morning. It seemed like all the employees were there, greeting customers as they arrived, handing out balloons, and asking customers how they like the new store. There was a photographer and videographer too, which we kept avoiding because we both had hat head. Read the rest of this entry »

Rob @ Whistler

Rob doesn’t blog, so I’ll have to post what he got up to. Saturday March 8, he rented skis and explored Whistler, then the next day he explored Blackcomb.

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One of the remaining smaller spots where Artistic Cake Design used to be on Wellington is now leased. No news on what’s going in. But I’ll start poking my nose around when Rob is back.

On today’s CTV Ottawa News at 6:00 they showed the inside of the revamped GT on Wellington. Apparently it’s going to be a Giant Tiger Express. Not sure what that means. There’s nothing on their web site. It did look really clean, shiny and organized. We’ll see how long that lasts. I give it until 3 p.m. this Saturday.

Hope the Express store still has the GT Boutique….

Not everybody heard the news last night that garbage and recycling pick up is delayed one day this week. Thankfully I hadn’t put the garbage out yet. Based on the number of cars with snow on them and the number of driveways still not cleared, it seems they did get the city’s message about staying home today and teleworking if possible. Garwood wasn’t feeling well on  Friday, and called to say he won’t be in. I expected him not to make it in.  But guess who e-mailed me yet again. I don’t have an issue with her being sick, but I specifically said e-mailing is not appropriate, it has to be a phone call. Read the rest of this entry »


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