Pettneu (near St. Anton), AustriaWell, yesterday was our last day of skiing. Not sure if I mentioned it in yesterday’s post. After we left the Internet cafe we picked up some groceries and a pizza from a local pizzeria. Some really interesting toppings. The only familiar one was Hawaii, with ham and pineapple, so that’s what we had.

I finished my book last night too, while Rob slept beside me on the bed, breathing heavily, and sometimes snoring. Guess he got tired of watching CNBC, and hearing about breaking news in the stock markets. He still hasn’t picked up the Dexter book though.

This morning we got up late, had breakfast, with English Breakfast Tea instead of coffee and then set off for a walk. We walked towards St. Jakob, and stumbled across a walking trail to Pettneu, the next town over. I suppose in the summer it becomes a cycling/hiking trail. We walked past all the mountain huts, full of hay for the grazing cattle. And saw cross country ski trails, with only a few skiers. Pettneu has its own ski hill, but it’s much smaller and not connected to St. Anton, except by skibus.

We found out what bus to take back to St. Anton, and sat on the skibus, full of mothers and their children, taking an afternoon off to go skiing. Once back in St. Anton, we strolled around the train station, named after Franz Josef. I’m wondering if it’s the same Franz Josef that the glacier in New zealand is named after.

We’ve been strolling in and out of shops, with Rob looking for a new carving board. He got some bad news today. Only one company is making them in Europe because nobody is buying them. Now he swears he’ll have to buy a pair of skis …. RIIIIGHT!

Some souvenir shops were closed until 2 p.m., so we had a bratwurst with creamy spicy mustard and rye bread from a hut on the street. We’re waiting for the schnapps store to open. It’s right across the street, so we stopped in the Internet cafe.

Tomorrow will be another long day in the car, and it’s unlikely we’ll be able to find an Internet place, so this will likely be the last post until we make it home. That weather forecast back home looks nasty. It’s been another beautifully sunny day here, hardly need gloves or hats. It’s perfect weather for skiing, but I’m sure they’re wishing for more snow. The off-piste runs are pretty much skied out, unless you go off with a guide.

That’s it for now. See you soon.