St. Christoph (near St. Anton), AustriaWell I almost didn’t think there would be a day 5 of skiing for me. I fell asleep around 8 p.m. last night feeling really crappy. Rob was really sweet and made me soup and salad for supper. He had the same, but with the addition of some already cooked chicken legs from the grocery store. A bit rubbery, but it gave him his meat.

When I woke up this morning, I thought I’d just stay in and start reading my second book (Blaze, by Richard Bachman). I’d already finished Darkly Dreaming Dexter, which is similar to the TV series in character development, but about half way through the plot goes in a totally different direction. It was a good read, even if I got some strange looks on the plane. So this morning, because it’s Valentine’s Day I told Rob he should go snowboarding without me. I was hacking away like a smoker and feeling pretty miserable. Think I grossed him out when I started spitting out (in the toilet) what I was coughing up.

Around 10 a.m. I decided I would go for a couple of runs. After all, I am on holidays. Lots of time to be sick once I’m back home in my own bed, with Timbit snuggled up beside me. I did decide that I’m not in good enough shape to make it to our 8:30 dinner reservation. We went there last time on my birthday. It was quite romantic, and I don’t think other diners would appreciate my hacking away during their quiet evening together.

Our gondola ride up was with a pair of British guys. They were right out of a Bridget Jones movie. It was freaky because although all my relatives are Brits I’ve never actually heard anyone go on the way these two did. Rather amusing start to the day.

Today we skied all the runs that Rob had already checked off on the map, but that we hadn’t actually done. And instead of making and bring lunch in my ski bag I brought the good camera along. We were on the slopes by 11:40 a.m. and stopped for lunch at the Sonnegg cafe at the base of the Nassereine lift for soup and juice. Here’s me on the skis last day:

I lasted longer than I thought I would, having a harder time on the flats than going down. But I was having problems concentrating and was happy to sit one last time having a small beer (because I’m sick) and watching the people come down the hill, or sipping their beer, or dancing to the music. I even did a video of the sights and sounds that I can share with you when we get back. (And here it is:)

Keep in mind these are the tame places. If you go to youtube and search St. Anton Krazy Kangaroo you can see the other side of partying here.

Once we were back at the apartment, we sat out on the balcony with the afternoon sun beating down on us and shining brightly off the snow on the mountains. We thought about the things we’d miss:

  • no tipping
  • Paprika Pringles
  • windows that open two ways
  • sunny balcony at the end of the day
  • apres ski drinks and people watching
  • the Rodelbahn (which is canceled for tonight)
  • the Autobahn
  • St. Anton’s Fussergangerzone
  • the Wellness Centre
  • my well worn purple silk longjohns from MEC that I’m leaving behind because of so many holes.

And then there are the things we won’t miss: smoky restaurants, bars and patios, the high cost of using the Internet, the rejects on Germany’s SuperStar (a bit like American Idol).

Rob was supposed to rent some carving skis today. And of course my response was: RIIIIIGHT.

Well I think that’s it for today. Tomorrow we’re going to take a walk around town, maybe do some shopping, and take photos.

Did I mention that it’s been sunny here for almost three weeks? Think we’re coming home with a tan.

And don’t worry Timbit, Dad will be there to pick you up in three more sleeps if our flights go as planned.