As usual, I’ll begin with the end of yesterday. Because we were going tobogganing around 7 p.m., I made (well really more of an assembly job) supper, which included Knorr Käsespatzle, already cooked pork schnitzel and salad.

After supper we set off for the Nassereiner to get our tickets for the Rodelbahn (toboggan run). It’s a 4.3 km track with lots of hairpin turns. There are two separate tickets, one for the lift to get up and another to get your Schlitten (toboggan) and your deposit back.

The ride up is a bit spooky because there are no lights on the hill at all, until you see the Rodelam hut about a third of the way up. We shared the gondola car with a German-speaking father and youngish daughter, who seemed to be a bit freaked out. We think it was her first time.

At the top, we did the standard photo op asking someone else who had a camera (never ask someone who doesn’t have a camera because they could either steal yours or the photo may not be so good). Our sleds seemed really fast compared to what I remembered last year. After a few turns, we pulled over to take movies of our adventure. This one is of Rob. He’s the second solo tobogganer coming around the hairpin corner:

Once that was done, we past the turnoff to the Rodelalm Hut, which was somewhat familiar from our ski down. It’s almost pitch black, no lights, and lots of ice. Braking is done using your feet, as is steering (for the most part). At one point, Rob had the same girl run into the back of him about three times. At the end, there are loads of people hanging about the restaurant where we went on Monday. I tried to avoid crashing into to people, but just couldn’t stop. Even though I called out several times in German and English the people didn’t move. So I did hit one person to finally come to a complete stop. He wasn’t injured, and I used my best British accent to say sorry.

Ride over, we went to get our deposits back. The guy gives Rob his, but says I can’t have mine because I don’t have the right ticket. Guess the guy at the bottom took the wrong part. It could also mean that he gets our deposit back too (or one of his friends). So my response was that if I don’t get the deposit back why would I give the toboggan back. So he said keep it. Guess that’s our first souvenir (if we can figure out a way to wrap it at the airport). Getting it in the car won’t be an issue. We’re driving a Volvo station wagon, remember?

So on to today. Our plan was to take the bus to Lech and zurs for the day. We woke up early, but I had a nasty cough. It’s gotten worse all day to the point that I can barely talk. I think Rob is really enjoying this….

So today we stayed local, trying a few new runs and hanging out in sunny spots on the hill, people watching in between runs. People here really start drinking early, and then they start dancing to Cher (which we heard a lot of today) and then go back to their skis. Quite amusing …

Here’s what young ones get up to at the bottom of the hill:

I hope this thing I have will go away by tomorrow. I had a really hard time concentrating today. At least my legs are no longer sore. Rob still put on the A535 this morning, and was showing me his blister this afternoon.

Instead of going out for supper tonight, we’ll pick up some soup for me so that I can try to get rid of whatever it is I’ve got. Nothing planned for this evening, and we’ll play it by ear tomorrow.


Sarah & Rob