Walking home from work today, noticed a couple of new happenings in the hood.

  • Where Magic Cleaners used to be the new sign is now up: The Dry Cleaning Co. It’s got new windows too. No sign of life inside though, and the windows are still covered up on the inside.
  • There’s a big sign on the east side of the building that Petit Bill’s Bistro is in that says there’s a 3000 sq. ft lower level retail space for lease. Rob, of course walked in to the restaurant to get the scoop. They said it’s in the back, likely where the Readers Choice (or something like that) bookstore is located.
  • The new Spanish place that opened where the organic bakery used to be is closed for renovations to get their kitchen installed. Free tasters February 14 to 29! Then they reopen on March 1.
  • The house beside the Diner is up for sale (okay it’s not new news but I haven’t posted before so its new to here)
  • The really grand house across from the Diner sold. We’re thinking it would make a great English pub….we’ll see. As soon as there are signs of life, we’ll start nosing around!

See the pics